The Waking Dad and Zombaby Gift Set – Men's T-shirt + Baby Onepiece/T-shirt

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It's 2:00am and time to feeeeeeed in these funny zombie-inspired mens and baby graphic tees and onepiece from 24-7 Daddyhood. With visceral cries that will raise the dead and turn your brains to jelly, your lil monster is ready to eat, and ready to eat right now! It's time to walk the night and appease those grappling zombie fingers reaching toward you...well, toward the bottle you're holding, at least. With a rough night to come, at least you can both stay comfy and cozy in these 100% cotton graphic t-shirts and onepiece from 24-7 Daddyhood. Now get back to bed, you're feeding again at 3:30am, Daddiooooo...ooooo...oooooooo...


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